There are several hobby drones with some of the best features and functions. They serve a variety of purposes like photography, racing or even just leisure. AguaDrone is the first drone which can autonomously fish in deep waters. This is the world’s first fishing drone. The AguaDrone can not only find fish in a pond or lake but is also modular. It is a waterproof drone which operates in air and if necessary, even on the surface of the water.

AguaDrone is the only drone which uses a Sonar Pod to find fish. It sends a wireless signal to the smartphone or tablet of the user, this enables the user to see the location of the fishes in real-time and thus help them fish more efficiently. With its 100% waterproof design, the AguaDrone can land in and take off from fresh and saltwater bodies. The drone is equipped with unique and quick change pod accessories, allowing users to switch from one pod to the next without any hassle. Apart from the Sonar Pod, the AguaDrone also comes along with the Fish Pod, capable of carrying the bait or lure the fish remotely via the drone, and The Film Pod, a waterproof camera that captures images from the air or underwater.

The Sonar pod is capable of sending fish finder images, water depths and water temperatures to any Wi-Fi enabled handheld device. It can also read depths down to 190 feet below the water’s surface and send information back to the tablet or smartphone up to 350 feet away. The Sonar Pod comes equipped with a free Sonar App as well.

The AguaDrone’s Fish Pod is capable of carrying payloads of up to 2 pounds (1 kg) and can drop the payload on the press of a button. It can be used to carry bait to lure the fish from unreachable areas. The Fish Pod can also be used for skip bait fishing in deep ocean waters. It has a tension release arm which releases the fishing line and allows the user to manually operate the rod and reel.

The Film Pod has a 100% waterproof, unique 220″ HD wide-angle lens that allows the user to video 360 pano footage and many other angles to capture the experience. The Film Pod comes equipped with a micro SD card slot, capable of holding up to 64 GB card.

This unique pod allows users to film above and underwater imagery and directly transfer them to a smartphone or tablet via remote Wi-Fi.

Watch the AguaDrone’s innovative modular system: