In a conventional drone, rotors or wings are attached to a framework which further contains the vital components required to power and fly a drone. Some drones have switchable modules but their flight components remain intact. The Airblock is completely different. Airblock is a drone which primarily has 6 modular rotors. They can be snapped in like a magnet and detached easily. Airblock can be made into a tri-rotorcraft or a hexacopter. It is the first of its kind to include a modular mechanism. In just 15 seconds the drone can be assembled into various modes.            

The various modes of Airblock.

Airblock, created by the company Makeblock, is a winner of Reddot Awards 2017. Its core body is an adaptive machine and one can attach the rotors to make it into a variety of vehicles like a hovercraft, car and many more. This drone serves many purposes. The Airblock can be operated via the user’s smartphone or tablet by installing the Makeblock application and connecting through Bluetooth. The user can not only operate the modular drone but also code its flight pattern according to their wishes and the drone would adhere to it. The most striking feature of the drone is its magnetic modules. This is the only drone to host modules which contain magnetic attachments. Transformation of the drone completely depends on the user’s imagination. Airblock gives the user liberty to create. Its hovercraft form can not only cruise on land but also on the water.

The Airblock is a fun-filled drone which can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Makeblock describes the drone to be educational as well because the user can learn a lot about aerodynamics and coding. The Airblock is a tough drone and can even withstand harsh crashes and accidents. It is made out of a hard plastic foam which protects it and its magnetic modules detach from the body in case of a hard crash thus preserving the drone. The commercial price of the Airblock is just $99. It is an affordable drone for beginners and people of all ages.

The magnetic configuration of Airblock.

Watch the modular drone transform into various vehicles: