Security in homes, offices and practically in every living space has become a must. Aire is a drone which is safe, less noisy and a guardian for every home. Aire has a very unique design and a relatively unique concept. It can not only securely patrol and provide surveillance but also has a lot of other technical capabilities.

Aire is shaped in a cylindrical pod which lessens the noise while flying. It has its rotors underneath the pod which makes it completely safe to interact with. This also helps the drone to be crash proof as the cylindrical covering sheaths all the vital components. Aire can patrol the house for any anomaly or just keep an eye on everything. It can make video calls or even make a 3D map of the house. It has a Nvidia TX1 chip which helps it to process the data. Aire can obey basic Alexa and IFTTT commands. It is a complete family drone. Aire can take great pictures with its high-resolution camera. If asked to take a picture it reaches the designated spot clicks a picture and then resumes its tasks.

Aire is compact and sits like an ordinary object inside a house.

Aire can provide excellent surveillance when an individual is away from home and stream live data to his/her devices. The Kickstarter version costs around $749 but the retail version of the Aire is priced at $1499 which it makes it a little over-the-budget device. Still Aire’s outstanding technology and efficiency makes it worth the big bucks.

Watch how the Aire secures homes: