If you’re a hobby pilot in the UK, you are not legally bound to purchase insurance for your drone. However, all commercial pilots need to have some form of liability insurance for their drones. Therefore, knowing which insurance to pick based on your needs can save a lot of time and money. Let us take a look at some of the best drone insurance companies available in the UK:

Factors to consider before purchasing drone insurance

Coverage: Some companies only offer liability coverage that covers property damage or bodily injuries caused by their drone. Therefore, if the insurance company offers both liability and hull coverage (physical damage to your drone) it may be a better option. You may also find add-on coverage options for equipment, remote controls, etc.

Plans: This is another important factor to keep in mind while choosing drone insurance. For recreational drone pilots, purchasing an expensive annual plan wouldn’t be the best option. Therefore, hourly, monthly, and annual plans must be looked at and some companies also offer customized plans.

Coverage Amount: This is a good factor to watch for. The heavier the drone is the riskier it is for the people and property on the ground. Therefore, choosing a drone insurance provider which has a high liability coverage can help mitigate the concern of damage in case of a mishap.

Type of Drone: The type of drone insurance you buy largely depends on the type of drone you have and the operation. If it is a medium-sized drone, weighing around 2kg, operating around a lot of people and buildings, you may want a high liability and hull insurance. However, if you’re an FPV pilot flying in controlled and closed surroundings, recreational drone insurance with just hull coverage will do just fine. Therefore, analyze the type of drone and its operation to better understand your needs.

Best Drone Insurance Providers in the UK

1. Coverdrone

Coverdrone is one of the best drone insurance providers in the UK. It offers plans for both commercial and recreational pilots. Its coverage options include data protection and invasion of privacy, plus many other core options. It is fully EC 785/2004 compliant. Coversure also offers Flysafe, a companion app for airspace maps, environmental conditions, low-flying manned aircraft, and dynamic restrictions. Learn more about Coverdrone here.

  • Specialist drone insurance provider
  • Cover for commercial and recreational drone operations
  • Global coverage
  • Flysafe companion app
  • Training cover with no drone or operator limits

2. Eversure

Eversure is a commercial and recreational drone insurance provider in the UK. Eversure is regulation EC 785/2004 compliant. It also offers one of the highest liability covers of up to £25 million. Insurance provided by Eversure can cover unlimited flights and multiple drones. Learn more about Eversure here.

  • High liability cover
  • Flexible policy terms
  • Global coverage
  • Cover for multiple drones

3. Drone Cover Club

Drone Cover Club (DCC) is an association for drone and model aircraft enthusiasts. It offers its members effective insurance for recreational and hobby pilots. It’s a great option for recreational pilots who do not want to invest in expensive insurance. Drone Cover Club provides 4 types of insurance plans: Annual, 6 months, 30 days, and 2 days. This lets you buy insurance based on your need. DCC provides £12 million in liability coverage, £10,000 personal accident cover, and pilots have the option of adding accidental drone damage cover, loss and theft cover, etc. Learn more about DCC here.

  • High liability coverage
  • Add on coverage options
  • Four insurance plans based on your need
  • Additional membership benefits
  • Global coverage options

4. The Drone Worx

The Drone Worx is one of the best insurance providers for commercial drone operations. This insurance provider is EU 785/2004 compliant and an A graded rated insurer. It offers liability cover of up to £10 million and drone and equipment cover as well. You can request a quote online. Learn more about the Drone Worx here.

  • High liability coverage
  • Flexible drone insurance policy based on your needs
  • Covers different types of UAVs (multi-rotor, fixed-wing, hybrid, etc.)
  • Great for commercial pilots

5. Allianz

Allianz is a reputed global insurance provider across several domains. Its drone insurance policies are comprehensive and cover all kinds of commercial operations. They offer insurance for private and commercial operators, manufacturers, distributors and repairers, and flight schools and training facilities. Apart from commercial drone operations, hobbyists can also customize plans according to their needs. Allianz provides both hull and liability cover. Learn more about Allianz here.

  • Comprehensive list of insurance policies.
  • Best for commercial operations with options for hobbyists.
  • Customizable policies.
  • Hull and liability cover.
  • Global cover options.