China is the first country that comes in mind when it comes to putting up a great light show using drones. Apart from its other uses, China’s drones have been gathering more attention through their stupendous light shows. Hundreds of drones, in December 2018, performing a light show in China, came crashing to the ground as thousands of spectators watched in horror. The city of Guiyang made up after 5 months by lighting up the sky with as many as 526 luminous drones during the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019.

The latest drone show in China has been the best till now and most-talked about as well. People all over the world have been wowed as 800 drones created a giant spectral plane that floated through the night sky. The drone show was part of a demonstration during this year’s event, the Nanchang Flight Convention. This event exhibits the latest advances in aviation, space, and the travel sector.

China's drones light show
China’s 800 drones light up the night sky.

One of the best drone shows of the year

The army of drones was choreographed to create an outline of a jet and a helicopter, according to the reports. Later, to create two large airliners the drones changed positions, one of which turned upside down. It goes without saying that drones are a huge hit in China. But Royal Marine sniper Aldo Kane is sound enough to understand the malicious side of the technology.

“Drones can be controlled by terrorists and rogue citizens whose intentions are to harm people. Therefore, governments should maintain strictness in the sale of such high-end technology,” said Aldo.

“The world will be changing whether we like it or not with regards to unmanned aerial vehicles. Really it’s about drones, drone warfare, how they’re used, how we can protect ourselves and what protection we have in the UK already,” Aldo added.