A military of drones deployed to combat a crop-devouring pest in a southern space of China has recorded a mortality change of as excessive as 98%. XAG, a Guangzhou-based drone maker, teamed up with Germany’s Bayer Crop Science in a drone swarm operation to kill the autumn armyworm in China’s Guangxi area. China’s autonomous drones, loaded with low-toxicity insecticide, have additionally efficiently managed pests in a government-led operation within the southwest province of Yunnan. “It’s the ‘crop-devouring monster’ that assaults over 80 crop varieties,” XAG mentioned in an announcement Monday.

China's drones

Most farmers resort to conventional insecticide sprayers, which fail to affect the “ravenous, fast-moving fall armyworm” that can fly as far as 100 kilometers within a night. However, in addition, conventional insecticides expose crops to harmful chemical substances.

Drones take on the cropkilling pest

The autumn armyworm, a crop-devouring pest, has unfolded from the Americas to Africa and Asia, gorging on rice, corn, greens, cotton, etc. Since arriving in China, it has affected 950,000 hectares of crops in 24 provinces as of mid-August. Outbreaks at 90% of the affected areas at the moment are beneath management, a report stated. According to local media, drones have effectively helped to control this spread of pests also found in some cornfields in the northern province of Henan.

China's autonomous drones

Having such a disastrous pest outbreak could weaken the agricultural output on a larger scale. This would not only impact the immediate country but also neighboring lands where the yield is exported to. Therefore, a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) based approach has proved to be more than beneficial in easing the crop crisis. China’s autonomous drones have not only reduced pest invasions but have almost eradicated it.