As much as the world would prosper from the development of drones, there are certain ill effects owing to the massive development in drone technology and the increased affordability of these drones. A lot of people have started exploring this newly booming market. This has led to several drones going rogue and flying in airspaces where they are not supposed to be. In the last few months, several flights have been delayed due to drone sightings. Drones, no matter how small they are, cause a major threat to aircraft. They can disrupt the aircraft’s course, damage the engines, propellers or wings. Thus, every time security officials get reports of drone sightings, air traffic is immediately stopped until it is ensured that the airspace is clear for travel.

drone at airport

Rogue Drones

These rogue drones may be the doings of drone enthusiasts or hobbyists who are just beginning to learn drone control. It could also be malicious activities by terrorists or criminals trying to bring in chaos. Although there are several regulations that restrict the flying of drones in certain ‘geo-fenced’ areas, the terrorists and other threat bearing parties are not necessarily keen on following these regulations. Their sole intent is violating these regulations and poses a dangerous threat to the nation’s air safety. These rogue drones are particularly very dangerous when the military is carrying out a mission. Terrorist drones can attack the military and hinder successful operations.

drone near a plane

Titan Mobile Anti-Drone System

Many companies have come up with innovative solutions for stopping these rogue drones from entering into sensitive areas. Citadel Defence Company has come up with a very efficient anti-drone solution, called the Titan mobile anti-drone system. It is portable and takes only five minutes to set up. It can detect drone controllers, video and Wi-Fi links for individual drones or swarms. Once a rogue drone has been detected, this system can take the necessary countermeasures by making it drop or return home. It can be used for commercial, political and military purposes. U.S. Air Force has now given the contract to the Citadel company to develop an anti-drone system. The company’s statement says, “The effectiveness of protecting people and assets is always ahead of the ever-evolving threat”.

Citadel Titan counter-drone technology

Citadel’s Titan Counter-Drone technology

Other Anti-Drone Solutions

British forces have partnered with an Israeli firm, RADA Electronic Industries to develop a solution for 360-degree surveillance and detection of drones within 3-5 km of range.

Saudi Arabia’s largest telecom company recently associated with a counter-drone firm, DroneShield to protect the nation’s assets from rogue drones.

drone shield over an airport