One of the biggest France based drone-solutions company, Delair, introduced the new long-range model of its earlier drone, DT26, in May 2019. The latest addition gives users the liberty to freely integrate desired sensors and payload options. The Delair DT26 Open Payload model allows its users to add or remove a payload container which enhances the drone’s ability to carry an extra 3Kg of payload. The drone can then be connected to a 140W power supply for a higher surge of performance. The power upgrade brings with it the ability to upgrade imaging features like ultra high resolution, thermal imaging, multispectral sensing, etc. Users can also attach a cargo rack which would make carrying payloads up to 3Kg feasible over long distances.

How useful are these upgrades?

Considering its highly modular nature, the DT26 drone has a varied usage over several key industries. Industries like oil and gas, agriculture, mining, and architecture require specially configured sensors and payloads. Therefore, instead of approaching the problem with a variety of drones, the DT26 can be swapped in with a variety of task-specific sensors to do the job. This will not only prove to be economically sustainable but also much more efficient in the long run.

Some of the potential uses of this drone could be:

  • Multispectral sensors for monitoring crop health or for asset maintenance.
  • Optical gas sensors to inspect equipment and pipelines or monitor for leaks.
  • High-resolution sensors for detailed orthophotos of infrastructure in transportation and energy.
  • Oblique sensors to get a different view of the same target from the same position.
  • Thermal sensors for detecting hot spots, small detect in equipment and measuring the performance of solar collection systems.
  • Ground-penetrating radar for military usage and mine detection.
Delair DT26 Open Payload model
Delair’s DT26 Open Payload model with long-range antenna and launch kit.

“The Delair DT26 is a production proven, long-range and high-performance UAV that now can be custom-configured for any number of use[s], needs through its highly stable payload cabin. The rugged design provides a safe and secure platform for precise and thorough inspections that often require specialized components. The platform can also serve as [an] aerial testbed for sensor research and training as well. The Open Payload version has been specifically designed for efficient integration of sensors that will work seamlessly with the overall flight operation and workflows the DT26 offers and at a very affordable price,” said Benjamin Michel, Chief Product Officer at Delair.

The perfect drone for BVLoS flights

The improved performance enables the drone to fly for up to 135 minutes, thereby enabling it to operate Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLoS). The integrated communication supports command and control as well as video data-link connectivity via radio or 3G cellular, and a maximum range of 30 km. The drone comes with robust software which ensures maximum productivity, ease of use, and smooth mission planning.

Despite the drone’s flexibility and adaptability, it may not be compatible with user-requested payload or sensor requirements. Thus, Open Payload model is supported by a technical diagnosis service by Delair which helps customers evaluate if the drone’s architecture meets their payload requirements.

The Delair DT26 Open Payload can be typically deployed in under 8 minutes via its versatile catapult launch mechanism. Also, the drone can easily land in remote and difficult terrains due to its highly accurate belly-landing capabilities. Coupled with quick-assembly components, it fully weighs 17 Kgs. The UAV comes with a custom-built transport case for increased on-ground mobility.