A startup called Kespry had teamed up with one of the most prominent drone manufacturers, DJI to broaden its reach over data. The startup has been developing drones which are capable of autonomously surveying open-pit mines or inspecting roofs for damage. Kespry aims to drastically evolve this service by collaborating with other companies for third-party-ground-based and aerial sensors. This would help it fish data for analysis from a wide network.

How the partnership would benefit the consumer?

Under the partnership with DJI, Kespry offers a lower-cost service to inventory mines’ stockpiles using DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone. However, Kespry CEO George Mathew said that the list price would still remain $30,000 per year for a single drone for stockpile surveillance. Therefore, by using the Mavic Pro 2, the California based company gets plenty of room for volumetric discounts.

DJI Mavic Pro 2
DJI’s Mavic Pro 2 drone.

George says “Using a mass-produced DJI drone does give us the opportunity to lower the price,” he further added “enabling our customers to deploy more drones at more sites to capture data.”

What this means is that for smaller business employing just a single drone would cost the same. The profitable scheme stands for bulk data collection and bigger industries. These industries require several drones to collect and analyze data from their sites. Such industries will directly benefit from this collaboration following greater discounts.

Kespry will continue to offer its own drone for high-precision measurements, such as surveying for placing mining explosives and road building, where it claims topological accuracy to 3 centimeters.

As for DJI, the deal is a strategic expansion in the commercial space. DJI drones are not particularly customized for various niches. Its flagship drones are equipped with state-of-art technologies. However, they are not aimed at industry-specific audiences. DJI has been long seeking to make its drones a platform that other companies can build enterprise services on top of. With Kespry, DJI can vouch to accomplish that.