A drone flying in the Brazilian Jungles caught something extraordinary on its camera. An isolated Amazon tribe with no contact with the outside world has been spotted by the flying drone.

The earlier released footage showed several people walking through a wide clearing made in a patch of dense jungle in the Javary River valley, near the border with Peru. One of the tribals was carrying a spear while the other four or five tribals stood near a thatched shelter. However, the tribals did not spot the drone which was flying high above the trees and recording their every move.

The findings of the drone.

The Funai organization bears the task of protecting the interests of indigenous tribes living in the Brazilian Amazon. Many of these tribes had their homes devastated by colonialism while many died due to foreign diseases. Several have also been displaced due to logging and mining operations.

Funai said that for the latest survey its team had traveled more than 180 kilometers (112 miles) by boat, truck and motorcycle, before a further 120 kilometer (75 miles) trek through the jungle. The Javary River region is home to 8 contacted tribes and 11 isolated tribes. “This is the largest quantity of records confirmed groups of isolated indigenous peoples in the country,” the agency added.

As the usage of drones continues progressively, exploration of unknown environments and habitats becomes much easier. There are many places on land which still stand unexplored. Oceans form about 71% of the planet’s surface and have been a mystery ever since. With the use of drone technology we just might be able to cover up this wide gap.

Watch the discovery right through the eye of the hovering drone: