EU-compatible drone regulations came into effect in Hungary in 2021. If you plan on flying a drone in Hungary it is essential to be familiar with these laws. Since Hungary is part of the European Union (EU), drone regulations formulated by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will also apply in Hungary in addition to its own set of rules. Read more about the EU drone regulations here.

Classification of Drones

Hungary classifies drones into four types based on their weight. Both commercial and recreational drones are subject to strict codes of conduct. However, the legal fees for recreational drone operation may cost little to none. The categories of drones are:

  • Below 250 g (exempt from regulations).
  • Between 250 g & 2 kg
  • Between 2 & 10 kg
  • Above 10 kg

Regardless of the drone category, every drone operation requires a valid license and insurance in Hungary.

Hungarian Airspace

Drone pilots can only fly their drones in Temporary Designated Airspace. There is no official airspace map released by the government. However, a private organization called created a 3-color scheme flight map for Hungary. The map has divided the country’s airspace into three parts:

  • Red: Temporary Designated Airspace. The red zones are the temporary zones where drones can be operated with prior permit from the Military Aviation Authority.
  • Blue: Airport Controlled Zones. Drone pilots must avoid flying in the blue zones, at least not without valid permits.
  • Green: National Park Zones. These are environment protection zones. Although recreational drone operations may be permitted in the green zones, commercial drone operations will cost 65€ to obtain the license.
Flight Map by | Drone laws in Hungary
The 3-color flight map by

How to Obtain a License

To obtain a license to fly your drone, you are required to submit an application to the Military Aviation Authority at least 30 days prior to the flight. The application is generally processed under 3-4 days. Reach out to for more information. The application must include:

  • Identity and Contact details of the applicant
  • Coordinates and radius of the drone operation
  • Altitude limits of the operation
  • Date (YYY.MM.DD)  and time of the operation
  • Purpose of the drone operation
  • Name and phone number of the person who is responsible for air traffic coordination in the required airspace ( An Air Traffic Control Officer)

Costs Involved: Recreational licenses are free of cost while commercial flight permits can cost up to 10€.

General Rules and Drone Insurance

Hungary has fairly simple drone regulations. However, there are some general rules every drone pilot must adhere to at all times:

  • Steer clear of airports, prioritize manned aircrafts and land your drone if you see one in the vicinity of your flight path.
  • Fly in visual line of sight and below 120m in daylight
  • Do not fly from moving vehicles
  • Be mindful of privacy of individuals while capturing data
  • Always check for restricted sites, buildings, or airspace

Drone insurance is mandatory for all drone operations in Hungary. Pilots must purchase a third party insurance and submit the details of the insurance to the Military Aviation Authority. Drone insurance in Hungary differs based on the weight class of your drone:

  • Below 2 kg, be insured for about 10,000€
  • Between 2 & 10 kg, be insured for about 17,000€
  • Above 10 kg, be insured for about 33,000€

To learn more about the drone laws in Hungary, documents required, etc. visit the official website of the Hungarian Traffic Authority.