A 65-year-old Scottish climber fell off a 30m steep in a solo summit try on Broad Peak and the people in camp concluded that he had died.

Sandy Allan, his partner was not willing to give up on him, though. At K2 camp, a cook from a Japanese climbing team used a telescope to search the face of the mountain, detecting he saw a backpack. 

After this, Bartek Bargiel and his drone came. He flew his drone in and from closer up, they noticed the backpack was moving.

Bargiel took pictures, video and, most crucially, noted the accurate coordinates of the location with the help of drone’s GPS system.

With this data, he was then able to broadcast to the rescuers in Broad Peak Base Camp. Bargiel then flew back and forth between Allen and the rescue team till they found each other and Allen was in a secure condition.

Bargiel’s drone could support the rescuers to locate Allen, but not much more. Bargiel attached a tiny package to the drone and provided Golab the medical supplies that he required, to then drop on his own.

The drone flight to record Bargiel on the peak also set another brand new record for the highest known drone flight while filming ever recorded.