Drones are a convenient tool for farmers in case of mapping fields, determining crop health from above and distributing pesticides.

Fortunately, a few farming explorers have started using their drones to herd animals such as sheep and cattle from one place to another. Drones are smart, nimble, loud and intimidating: the perfect fusion of aspects for a good herder. They can fly even during shooting video, providing farmers a preferable view of what is happening on the ground.    

UAV herder Cameron Parker and Australian drone pilot said that the entire business is not as easy as it looks.

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Drones to herd sheeps

The challenge is instructing the cattle not to be too frightened of the drone, which requires some time. They must be trained to react in the correct way, not just run off in all various directions.

Cameron mentions, “Since they are prey animals, their general instinct is to move away. So when you initially develop them to this drone you must do it in a spot where they cannot move”.

He mentions, managing animals is the way that has been passed on via families for years. “The way we manage cattle has been passed down via generations. My children are starting to fly drones now. But the most vital factor we are passing on is how to manage cattle properly.”

Parker mentions, “We trust this new technology will show more efficiency. We think we have the capability to get cattle and send the drones to go out, as the technology improves”.

Generally, drones have the part to play in agriculture. But the clear way that the livestock could explicitly work together is with aerial observation and search. Many rural categories and farms have land that expands for several miles. Drones attached with thermal cameras can effectively find animals that wander off or perform usual aerial inspections to avoid the need for more searches in future.

Watch a video of Herding Cattle Using a Drone: