Scared to go on the highway in fear of a car breakdown? Now, the waiting time has reduced due to the usage of drones to inspect car breakdowns. A towing company, 360 Towing Solutions Houston, approaches automobile breakdowns with the help of drones.

Most car breakdowns in the near future can be fixed much faster. A surveillance drone is dispatched as soon as the company receives a distress call. The drone analyzes the problem and relays the information back to the control room before the repairing team is dispatched. According to what the Houston based company had planned, the company was expected to fly drones for aerial inspection of standard vehicles in the month of October. The drones “will be sent to the stranded vehicles first and used for capturing photos and videos.”

drones could help during car breakdowns

“The drone will send the photos and videos to our control room and the roadside assistance Houston professionals heading for towing the vehicle would be able to know what kind of tools they need to carry or what kind of tow truck is needed.” a company senior executive said. “Drone technology has come a long way, and the technology is progressively being used across industries,” Richard Miller, the company’s CEO, added in the release. “We thought we should change the way vehicles have been traditionally towed.”

The company claims to provide one of the best and fastest services for any road crisis. “We believe this bold step will put us miles ahead of our competitors,” said Miller.