Apart from the various indispensable uses that drones are offering to today’s modern world, they are now being used to create art on walls. The Mexico City Art Week is conducted annually and every year, this event witnesses some kind of novelty brought into the world of art. However, this year it was the turn of drones to stun the creative minds gathered at the event. Drones were specially designed to create graffiti art on a special art wall in Mexico City.

drones create graffiti at Mexico art week
Art created using drones

Drone Graffiti Project

This event marked the launch of the Drone Graffiti Project. This project was started to bring together the creative minds of artists and empower them in creating newer, enhanced pieces of mind-blowing artwork by fully utilizing the modern day’s technological resources. Including drones in the field of creating art will open amazingly new possibilities for artists. Moreover, the people at Mexico’s Art Week were intrigued by the wonders of new technology and where they stand in the ever-growing creativity of mankind.

drones create graffiti at Mexico art week

The Painting Drone

This drone proved to be particularly complicated to construct as it had to fly both vertically and horizontally, and very near to the wall without crashing. It was required to fly on a very specific path, as is the intricacy of any piece of art. Adding to all this, it had to paint as it flies along the wall, and with different colours!

The drone was modified by SPH Engineering, a firm specializing in the research and development of various hardware and software needs. Also, SPH Engineering gave the painting drone the ability to fly according to a software application that specifies the flying path for the drone. Several firms joined hands in building the software and hardware required to bring this spectacular and ground-breaking technology to the light. Some of which are Voliro AG, SPH Engineering, DRONEMASTERS and Mexico-based urban art legends All City Canvas.

drones create graffiti at Mexico art week
A painting drone creating a spectacular piece of art on the wall

Artists Guiding the Drone

Three artists were selected to create the artwork that would be painted by the drone – American pottery artist Tom Edwards, Mexican urban artist Mr. Kone, and Mexican sci-fi artist and illustrator Smithe. These artists have amazing styles of their own and yet claimed that the idea of using drones to do the physical realization of their virtual art kindled a lot of creativity in them. Thus, they assert that bringing drones into the field of art will bestow the world with a new era of creating masterpieces.

drones create graffiti at Mexico art week
Artists gearing up their drone to paint their virtual art on walls