With regulations getting clearer all over the world, industries have started adopting drones for various purposes. This is projected to drive a CAGR of 19% (2015-2020) for the commercial drone market. The industries at the forefront of adoption include the agriculture industry, the mining and exploration industry and the aerial photography industry.


Agriculture holds the potential to be completely revolutionized by the drone industry. From dispersing seeds and fertilizer to performing soil scans and monitoring weather conditions, drones offer a possibility of becoming an indispensable tool for a farmer.

Agricultural Drone

Mining and Exploration

Drones have started to become an essential part of site surveying in the mining and exploration industry. The ability of a drone to generate site maps much faster than the traditional methods means that drones are bound to become much more common around mining sites.

Mining DroneAerial Photography

This is the industry responsible for introducing drones to general populace. With drones becoming a common sight at weddings to panoramic views of landscapes, this is just the beginning of an upcoming industry.

Photography Drone

Apart from the industries mentioned various other industries are actively exploring usage of drones. These include the Transportation, Surveillance, Advertising and the Insurance industries. The rapid developments in technology and the progressively developing regulatory framework indicate that exciting times lie ahead for the commercial drone industry.