Drones have become the frontier of all security forces. They have proven a useful tool in disastrous situations like earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. The Mumbai government is considering to include drones into the fire brigade for added efficiency. Moreover,  drones have an excellent advantage over heights. When there is a fire break out in a high rise, it is difficult for fighters on the ground to accurately assess the intensity, location, survivors, and the cause of the fire.

Mumbai sees fire incidents quite often and many firemen have lost lives due to unreachable places.

In complex scenarios, drones can prove to be extremely helpful tools. Drones can not only collect information about the fire breakout but also spot and identify any victims which may still be stuck. Some drones are also adept in tackling the fire themselves by deploying anti-fire measures like cannons and spray guns. Also, high rises being a difficult spot to reach via ladders, drones can cover that gap in a matter of seconds. According to reports, several firemen have lost their lives battling fires in high-off altitudes. Drones might also prove to be a game-changer in terms of safety of the fire personnel.

However, permission from the police and civil aviation authority will be needed to make this change in the fire brigade department. The plan is still in its nascent stages as reported by an official.

“We are yet to find a model and are in talks with several vendors. For starters, we plan to buy just one drone as a pilot project. Later, one would be bought for each command center” said another fire official. There are 6 command centers in Mumbai. The drones would also be used for beach safety as and when necessary, the official added.