Virginia’s DroneShield introduced a double-barreled jamming weapon built to take down suspect drones first in 2016. Also, the company has continued to roll out more compact and mobile options in the years since. The mobility factor of their latest product takes it up another notch with the ability to be mounted to the top of almost any vehicle. The anti-drone system is equipped with the tools to take down suspicious UAVs coming from all directions. Similar to Droneshield’s DroneGun, DroneGun Tactical and the single-handed DroneGun MkIII is the newly unveiled DroneSentry-X. The DroneSentry-X packs the same drone-jamming tech. This means that radio frequencies are used in this. DroneSentry-X disrupts the communication abilities of any drone within 300m (1,000ft) and brings them to the ground.

DroneSentry-X by DroneShield
Image source: DroneShield

The system can be mounted to standard roof racks with a total weight of 10kg (22lb). It comprises of a suite of sensors to detect drones more than 2 km (1.2 mi) away, in any direction, whether stationary or on the move. It can be configured to automatically disrupt drones, or require manual intervention to take down the threat.

The DroneSentry-X

It is weather, shock and UV resistance rated to military standard. Thus, due to this the DroneSentry-X could be deployed as pop-up drone defense outposts in response to new threats or set up permanently in the one spot. The module mounted inside the vehicle works with a control panel.

As with other DroneShield products, the DroneSentry-X is not allowed to be sold legally to the public in the US (or most other places). At least, for now, it is instead intended for security and military officials dealing with drone threats.

DroneSentry-X has not been authorized as required by the United States Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, in the United States, other than to the United States government, its agencies, and its properly delegated representatives, until such authorization is obtained. The use of DroneSentry-X in the United States by other persons or entities, including, in certain circumstances, state or local government agencies, is prohibited by federal law. Laws limiting the availability of DroneSentry-X to certain types of users may apply in other jurisdictions, and any sales will be conducted only in compliance with the applicable laws.” stated an official.