The Jianjian Technology Company’s radio control branch, abbreviated as JJRC, who is a Chinese drone manufacturer founded in 2014 that comprises quality drones for the beginner and intermediate pilots.

JJRC reported a more compact version with innovative one-handed gyro control, with the vast success of the H37 Elfie drone. Compared to the predecessor, the current generation JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie is about 2 cm shorter and 16 grams lighter.

Whereas, the first generation of Elfie drone comprising only app control, the Mini Baby Elfie carries a dual control mode, Gyro RC and smartphone App.

Some of the features and technical specs of the JJRC Baby Elfie are shown below,

  • Emergency stop button
  • Innovative one-handed control
  • Pocket size with foldable arms
  • Multiple control modes such as Gyro RC and smartphone APP
  • Altitude-hold, auto hover
  • Headless flight mode, Intelligent orientation
  • Trajectory flight, a virtual path flight
  • Beatty mode
  • Multiple speed rates
  • 720P camera with WiFi FPV
  • About 6 to 7 minutes of play time
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Components of JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie Drone

With the support of folded arms, the fuselage estimates only 11.3 x 5.7 x 3 cm and weighs about 57 grams. Thus, arms can be easily folded or unfolded just in a second.

The 400 mAh Li-Po is carried in the belly of the aircraft. The battery pack can be swapped easily with a new charged one since, it consists of no wires.

Similar to the JJRC H37, the Baby Elfie also contains a soft power button. The Li-Po can be detached when the drone is stored for longer periods of time, otherwise, it may discharge causing permanent harm to the battery.

In order to permit improved visibility on the orientation of the aircraft at the time of night flights, the JJRC Mini Baby Elfie comprise of two white LEDs in front and one red light-bar on the back. Thus, a bright blue LED present on the top of the drone makes the sunset flights even more eye-catching.

Watch a video of JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie: