The drone racing pilots and their crews are reaching Shenzhen, a city near Hong Kong generally named as “China’s Silicon Valley”, to fight against each other for the prestigious championship.

In FAI Drone Racing up to six radio-controlled, multi-rotor model race around a closed circuit. Pilots should traverse a series of gates and obstacles and whoever is fastest, wins. The race generally lasts three minutes.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be granted for first, second and third places in four categories that are:

  • Women
  • Juniors
  • General Individual
  • National Teams

Drones are provided with an onboard video camera which carries real-time video images to the headset worn by the pilots. The pilot can see what the drone views.

The exclusive race track is established to amaze pilots and spectators alike. During night time it is lit up with LED lights that has been specially developed to test the skills of the best drone pilots in the world.

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FAI World Drone Racing Championship

It is not only great esteem and honour that is at stake either. A complete prize is of $220,000 is up for grabs, with the winner set to walk away with $24,000.

The circuit consists of gates and other obstacles around which pilots should plan to attain the finish line with the maximum time.

The events can occur either inside or outside. The winners of each race will face one another in successive races reaching the final round which decides the overall champion.

The FAI World Drone Racing Championships 2018 can be categorized as the following:

  • Qualification: To define the placing for the first round of the elimination stage.
  • Elimination: Involving successive rounds up to semi-finals.
  • Final: To decide the Vice-Champion and Individual World Champion.

National teams must consist of:

  • A team manager.
  • With teams of five consisting at least one junior, age limit is 18 years and at least one female.
  • One helpers are allowed for each competitor.

Every competitor and team manager of any national team should have a valid FAI Sporting License.

Watch a video of FAI World Drone Racing Championship: