Aerobotics is a South African startup developing Artificial Intelligence systems for UAVs. This company was founded by James Paterson and Benji Meltzer.

Drones in Agriculture

Aerobotics have developed planning and scheduling of drones for agricultural purposes. With the help of aerial imagery from drones, satellites and machine learning algorithms the company identified a way to notice the early detection of pest and disease on tree farms and to improve crop performance for farmers throughout the world.

Drones can provide more accurate and up-to-date data for the governments and development agencies. In case of individual farmers, this type of information could be the difference between a failed crop and a bumper harvest.      

Drones can detect plant diseases early

How the process of farming app works?

    • An Aerobotics service provider or the farmer flies a drone with multispectral and visual cameras.
    • The imagery from these flights is uploaded to Aerobotics artificial intelligence and software, where the information is gathered together to identify the individual trees down to the mentioned level.
    • This innovation can identify stress levels of every tree relative to the part of the farm that was flown by the drone and mark them on a map of the farm. 
    • The gathered data is forwarded to the Aerobotics Aeroview software, where it produces a scout map for the farmers, so they can see the trees and detect what is causing stress.
  • To make the automatic drone scouting missions to fly, where the drone will fly the scout map can be used down within 5 meters of the tree, capture the image and send it to the Aerobotics proprietary pest and the disease identification software.

Watch a video of Aerobotics’ technology in action: