Matrix UAV, a Ukrainian company has invented a small drone known as the Demon which can carry explosives, guns, or a rocket-propelled grenade for use against armoured vehicles.

Kasyanov mentioned in a post as “Equipped with a grenade launcher, the unit is constructed to inflict sudden, precise strikes on fire points, armoured vehicles, air defence equipment, and enemy headquarters at a range of up to 10 kilometres”

Kasyanov goes on to detail how a kamikaze variant of the Demon can hit up to 20 kilometres away, jumping on its goal with a 7-kilogram bomb or up to 90 kilometres out containing a 4-kilogram payload. But the Ukrainians are not the only one with recently armed drones.

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A Drone Built By The Ukranian Startup

The Russian Defense Ministry is providing intelligence- surveillance-reconnaissance drones, which include the Altair MALE and the Orion A.

Russia boasts of highly advanced electronic warfare, or EW, capabilities in its drone game. In the early days of the conflict, Ukranian commanders complained that Russian forces could jam the drones sent to find them while using their own drones successfully for the same purpose. It is not sure how that situation has changed for the Ukrainians.

An associate research analyst at CNA studying at the American Foreign Policy Council, Sam Bendett stated as, “This UAV relies on movement in a correct path for close-combat, though much will rely on its actual battlefield act. Such quadcopters can be very annoying and may be immune to electronic countermeasures”.

Russians are also working on a variety of close-combat UAVs that include fixed-wing and multirotor designs, though increasing importance is now placed on radio interference from a potential opponent EW attack. Russians are also putting their UAVs through constant experiments in Syrian combat, or during continuous rounds of drills and exercises. So this Ukrainian ‘Demon’ requires to go through significant testing before its actual claims can be verified.