California-based venture FlytBase launched the FlytWare Solution Partner program to deploy autonomous drones in warehouses. The FlytWare solution aims at automating inventory checks in warehouses. By deploying UAVs, inventory counts in large warehouses can be done relatively faster than a manual count. It not only saves time but is also a safety measure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

warehouse FlytWare drones

Autonomous drones without a GPS

The drones used by FlytWare do not require human-pilots to operate them. They can autonomously navigate the intricate layout of a warehouse without the need of a GPS system and land at a designated place. Using drones reduces the risk of contraction of disease as workers would otherwise have to work in close proximity. 

FlytWare autonomous drone solution

FlytWare offers manual as well as autonomous battery charging systems. With automatic charging, drones make use of precision landing to land on charging pads and then take-off for the next inventory count once charged. Anything from a single drone to a fleet can be managed via Flytware’s ground station system. This operation center works with just ethernet and power. An operator can plan and execute inventory check missions. Also, one can see live feed from the drones to ensure safety and receive barcode and image data. 

Comprehensive reports and integration with WMS

Apart from location-based and barcode data, the drones capture multiple images of each product on the inventory. This way algorithms and AI can further use the images for seamless object recognition or space management. This data can also be used for audits and re-counts.

FlytWare launches autonomous warehouse drones

Additionally, FlytWare can not only allow for CSV-format data import and export but also store data directly into third-party warehouse management systems using its APIs. The same data can simultaneously be uploaded on cloud, archived or stored in a desktop backup.

“The Solution Partner program provides partners the ability to demonstrate inventory automation leadership, and thus differentiate themselves from in a competitive industry,” a FlytBase spokesperson said. “With access to market and customer insights, the FlytWare solution roadmap, marketing collateral, product training, and return-on-investment calculators, Solution Partners can rapidly climb the ‘drone learning curve.’ They can access multiple revenue streams across the journey of aerial inventory adoption, from lead generation to post-deployment maintenance and support.”