For the first time in America, Google Wing delivery drones completed a scheduled commercial residential delivery in Virginia. After receiving approval from the government, and collaborating with FedEx and Walgreens, the Alphabet subsidiary is now delivering snacks and health care products to residents of Virginia.

Google Wing has been given clearance for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drone deliveries. Thus, Wing has become one of the first drone operators to be certified as a commercial air carrier by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Google Wing Drone
The Google Wing drone in flight.

Drone deliveries are now official

The company posted a video in which they showed an elderly couple and a family with young children using their smartphones to select items for delivery. Later, the video turns to show a worker placing the items in a cardboard box that looks like an oversized Happy Meal. The box is then attached to a yellow clip dangling in thin air; The drone then dropped the boxes in front of the customers’ houses by flying across the town.

“Innovation has been part of the FedEx DNA since day one, and we are always looking for new and better ways to deliver the world to our customers’ doorsteps,” said Don Colleran, President & CEO of FedEx Express. “For our customers in Christiansburg, this collaboration will test the latest innovation in the last mile of residential package delivery. We hope that this latest addition to our delivery options will enhance the last-mile service for urgent same-day deliveries, customers in rural or semi-rural areas, and other exceptional delivery needs.” In order to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, the company says that it hopes to replace the deliveries made by trucks or cars.  It also bills itself as a delivery service for people with limited mobility options. Moreover, Wing also promises deliveries within “minutes” placed by customers from the  “designated delivery zones.” The best part about this development is that there are no extra charges for the delivery.