On 26th November 2021, the Gujarat Drone Mahotsav was held at the GMDC grounds, Ahmedabad. The event was organized by Pradip Patel, CEO at Prime UAV, and sponsored by Dholera Industrial City Development Limited, Adani Defence and Aerospace, and Blue Ray Aviation. Also, in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA). It showcased Indian-made drone technology and spread awareness about the application of drones.

Indian-Made Drone Technologies On Display

On 25th August 2021, the government released liberalized drone laws that could finally help the industry grow. These laws have simplified several procedures required to buy and fly drones. Additionally, the new drone rules will make the process for drone manufacturers easier. The event was attended by hundreds of drone enthusiasts and students. Everything from agricultural drones to survey drones was displayed by various companies.

Survey drones of Aerosys Aviation, a Noida-based start-up were exhibited. The company is working in collaboration with the Bihar government to map flooding-prone regions. After surveying the region, through photogrammetry software, inundation patterns can be predicted. This can aid in speedy evacuations and warnings. Photogrammetry has multiple uses, for example, to survey a dense forest area or a disaster zone.

Gujarat Drone Mahotsav 2021
The Drone Mahotsav in Gujarat | Source: Gujarat CMO

Other prominent drones that were on display were agricultural drones. India is an agriculture-based economy. Therefore, agricultural drones have enormous market potential. Agri Udaan, an Ahmedabad-based company, showcased their pesticide-spraying drone at the Gujarat Drone Mahotsav. The agri drone can carry a payload of 11 liters and spray up a 15-acre plot within minutes. Apart from aerial spraying, drones can gather critical data about plant health, soil health, plant disease, etc., through various vegetation indices. If you want to learn more about how plant health can be managed using drone data, check out our guide on vegetation management.

Lastly, there was also an exhibit by the Ahmedabad Fire Emergency Services. The fire department showcased a thermal scanning drone that can identify the source of the fire, spread patterns, people, etc. through thick smoke or from behind a wall. Reportedly, this was successfully put to the test in a 2019 fire in the city.

Gujarat Drone Mahotsav 2021

Can India Become a Drone Hub by 2030?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has affirmed his vision of making India a global drone manufacturing hub by 2030. Despite the country’s first drone laws released in 2018, the security restrictions and absence of drone infrastructure have stagnated the industry. However, with the latest drone rules, this could change for the better. DJI drones have been officially allowed into the country and owners can now register their drones.

Speaking of drone infrastructure, the government has released the country’s first comprehensive UTM policy framework. Government-aided drone delivery operations are underway as well. Therefore, these events are collectively helping push the drone industry forward. Therefore, drone hub or not, the country’s drone industry is set to make exponential progress within the coming decade.