Hover Camera Passport is a foldable drone built by the Chinese drone maker Zero Zero Robotics. The drone is designed mostly for personal use and the company focuses on the portability and auto-follow feature as the main selling points. The drone weighs 242 g and features a 13MP camera which is able to record 4K videos.

Hover Camera Passport
Hover Camera Passport

The drone’s propellers are enclosed in mesh which protects them from any damage during flight or while carrying it in a bag. This also makes the drone safe enough to hold with bare hands during flight, if needed. Since the drone can fold in half, it makes it easier to carry around. The Essential version is priced at $190, while the Delux version is priced at $305.99. While the drone is great as a ‘selfie-drone’ it has numerous competitors in the market including the DJI Spark.

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