Equipment Type Approval or ETA is a permit required to manufacture drones in India. Drones require an ETA for operating in de-licensed frequency bands. An ETA can be obtained from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of India. Given below is a step by step process of how to obtain ETA for your drone:

Documents Required for an ETA Application

Radio Frequency (RF) Test Report

An RF test report is a mandatory document required for the ETA license. Therefore, an applicant must get their wireless apparatus tested at a NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration) approved testing lab. The aim of an RF test is to ensure that the wireless apparatus works within the specified unlicensed frequency bands. Here is the list of NABL-approved testing labs in India.

Product Description                            

The product description should contain the specifications and detailed description of the drone, the technical specifications as mentioned by the DGCA in the UAS Rules 2021, and a thorough description of the wireless unit used in the product. Additionally, parameters such as the class and category of the drone along with its speed, endurance, etc. can be added.

Receipt of Fee Payment

The fee to obtain an ETA is approximately Rs.10,000. The fee payment is done on the BharatKosh website and the receipt is attached along with the application.

Letter of Declaration

This is a WPC ETA self-declaration letter stating that your product works within the specified restrictions and parameters to obtain an ETA set by the WPC wing.

Additional Documents

A company incorporation certificate in the case of a private limited company is required to be attached along with the application. If the applicant is an individual, a residential address proof will suffice. Additionally, the PAN card of the company/individual should be attached with the application.

If the wireless apparatus being used is to be imported, then a letter of authorization from the foreign manufacturer to an authorized Indian representative is also required.

Process for ETA License

The process to obtain the ETA License is as follows:

  • Prepare the Application with the RF test report and all the necessary documents.
  • File an application through the WPC ETA Login (self-application) online.
  • Pay the processing fee at BharatKosh and attach the receipt along with your application.
  • After submitting the application with all the necessary documents online, submit the same application with the documents offline to the WPC.
  • WPC will then assess the RF testing report and forward any discrepancies.
  • If any discrepancies are relayed, resolve them and follow with the application.
  • WPC will then analyze the resolved application and if found compliant will issue the applicant with an ETA certificate.

This process can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending upon the complexity of the application and discrepancies involved. For more information, the Information and Facilitation Center of the WPC wing can be reached here. To learn about the certification and manufacturer process of drones click here.