From photography to agriculture, drones are conquering every aspect of our daily lives. Now with the prospect of a coffee drone by IBM, drones could soon be seen predicting and handing you your daily cup of coffee. The coffee drone is a concept idea patented by IBM. Nevertheless, the entire concept of the drone awes us, an aerial coffee machine flying right above your head. The patent describes the drone as smart and intelligent which can predict your caffeine need at the right time.

(Patent id: US 10,040,551 B2)

It could have some of the best AI capabilities which allow it to identify whether a person requires coffee by studying their facial expressions, body language, etc. The drone can not only predict the requirement but also delivers you your brewed drink. The patent was filed in the United states, and it claims that the drone would be equipped with the technology which can detect blood pressure, pupil dilation along with the aforementioned bodily gestures and tiredness to correctly identify when a person is drowsy or sleepy and then hand them their energizing drink.

The patent has put forth a number of ways in which the drone can dispense the coffee to the person. One of the ways was by directly pouring the coffee into an employee’s mug or dropping off the coffee in a sealed container or bag to prevent spillage.The drone can otherwise be called like a waiter via hand gestures and it would carry out the same task of delivering coffee to you.

(Patent id: US 10,040,551 B2)

Apart from coffee, IBM is also considering to use the drone (if released) for alcohol delivery. Yes, inside of bars and restaurants where the drone could be effectively used with some modifications which would enable the drone to identify slurred speech, unsteady movements, drooping eyes or downward tilted head alerting the drone to cease delivering alcohol and it would possibly stop over-consumption of the drink as well. The drone, apart from limited alcohol delivery could also monitor its customer to prevent delivering alcohol to the under-aged/minors.

This sure seems unreal and it could be, as the company has only patented the idea and has not claimed to possess such a technology or produced a prototype of any sort. The drone may be a long way from now but you never know when you might find yourself waving to a drone for a cup of coffee in the future.