With the threat of drones being used for terrorism escalating each day, the Indian Government is now keen on taking preventive actions to avoid any anti-social damage caused by this booming technology. The Indian police allegedly received intelligence reports that indicated the use of drones to cause terror in the nation. Following this, Hyderabad police have issued an order banning the use of drones, remote-controlled aerial vehicles, and paragliders for six months effective from May 5, 2019, to November 4, 2019. Violation of this order will result in legal actions being effected upon the drone owner or operator under Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant).

Drones as a tool of terrorists

As the development of drone technology is reaching its zenith, the communities, and groups using this technology are also expanding in mind-blowing rates. It is, in fact, positively overwhelming to see UAVs helping in several ways like organ deliveries, food deliveries, art, entertainment. It is also of invaluable service to the military and other forces in search and rescue operations, surveillance operations and much more. But it is an undeniable and harsh truth that terrorists are also using these drones to cause chaos among nations and harm the public. There have been reports on several drone attacks within just one year.

drone attacks

Why are regulations necessary?

This exponential increase in the adverse use of drones calls for immediate awareness and actions from the government’s side. All countries are stepping up to look into this issue and frame appropriate regulations for the production and use of drones. India is now on the watch for any sort of danger that drones might present. Regulations are highly necessary to ensure the safe development of technology. Even the mildest source of danger that any technology might incur must be eliminated without a second thought.

drones in India

The Hyderabad City Police is strictly not taking chances in letting the peace of the state be disrupted. Hence, when reports indicated that anti-social elements or terrorists may carry out attacks using drones and other aerial systems, the ban of drones and paragliders was immediately effectuated.