The world’s leading manufacturer of processors and cutting-edge technology, Intel, has once again stunned the world with its mesmerizing drone show which took place in July 2018. Ironically, 2,018 drones were made airborne by the Intel’s Drone Team breaking the Guinness World Record for maximum number of drones to be airborne at once. Not only did it break a world record but put up a surreal light show in the dark sky. On the night of 7th of July, two thousand of Intel’s specialized drones with LED lights, known as Shooting Stars, took over the skies of Folsom, California in front of a mesmerized audience.

A formation of drones during the performance

Intel had put up the show to mark the completion of its 50th Anniversary. The world witnessed a revolutionary visual technology as the 2,018 drones lit up the sky in various patterns. This form of aerial visual communication could possibly eliminate the use of firecrackers and this was even backed up by the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of 2018 where instead of firecrackers Intel’s Shooting Stars took to the skies. The mass drone collection was intelligently programmed and extremely well synchronized to display a variety of color combinations.

Watch a video about the performance here: