Intel’s drone shows are recognized worldwide. Hundreds of tiny Shooting Star drones take to the skies and create mesmerizing patterns. From the NFL halftime show to the 2018 Winter Olympics, Intel’s drones have performed several times and even broken a Guinness World Record. On July 23rd, 2021, Intel put up yet another drone show at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 1,825 drones flew over the Olympic stadium to inaugurate the Tokyo Olympics.

Drone Show at the Opening Ceremony

On 23rd July 2021, to mark the inauguration of the Tokyo Olympics, Intel collaborated with the creative team of the Tokyo Olympics to fly 1,825 Shooting Star drones over the Olympic stadium. Soon after takeoff, the drones organized themselves into several stunning formations which included the globe, the Olympic rings, and the Tokyo 2020 logo. The patterns symbolized the unity in diversity that the Olympic games represent. Undoubtedly, the drone show became one of the most memorable moments of the entire ceremony.

For the Korean Winter Olympic games in 2018, Intel had done something similar but with 1,200 drones. The increased number of drones made for a larger and more vivid display of patterns.

How Do Drone Shows Work?

The Shooting Star drones have been specifically developed for light shows. Intel aimed to make the drones as light as possible. Therefore, the drones are entirely made of plastic and foam without a single screw. Each drone weighs approximately 340 grams and is equipped with four highly vibrant LED lights per drone. The drones also feature an RTK (Real Time Kinematics) module for impeccable accuracy.

Weeks and months of mission planning go into creating visually breathtaking drone shows. Intel used 3D simulation and animation software to plan and choreograph the drones. The mission plan is then loaded onto each drone. This ensures that every drone has a copy of the mission and can work independently. Read more about how drone shows work.

The central theme of the Tokyo Olympics was promoting eco-friendliness. The Olympic torch in the opening ceremony was powered through hydrogen fuel for the first time. The beds for the athletes were made up of recyclable sturdy cardboard boxes to prevent wastage. Coupled with the spectacular drone show, the Olympics echoed the message of hope and unity in the time of the global COVID-19 crisis.