After a 12-month period of consultation with drone professionals, academics, businesses, and the general public, the ISO has announced the world’s first drone standards. There would be a massive impact on the future growth of the drone industry throughout the world after the final publication of these new ISO standards for drones. Furthermore, they are the product of several years of cooperation and rigorous interrogation from all sectors of society. The standardization of the global drone industry has shown significant progress after the announcement made by ISO.

ISO standards for drones

World’s first ISO drone standards

Quality, Safety, Security and overall ‘etiquette’ for the operation of commercial air drones are a few protocols included in the new Standards. These protocols will in turn help shape future regulation and legislation. The second set of protocols is to address General Specifications, Product Manufacture and Maintenance, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Testing Procedures.

Robert Garbett, Convenor of the ISO Working Group Chairman of the BSI Committee for UK Drone Standards and Founder of Drone Major Group, said:  “I am delighted that the operating Standards for air drones have now been approved and published. This success follows four years of collaboration involving ISO, BSI and other national standards bodies from all over the world, reinforced through expert input from a wide range of industry and public sector stakeholders. The Standards will deliver new confidence among investors in the safety, security and compliance of commercial drone operations, which together with the Product Manufacturer and Maintenance Standards, is expected in turn to facilitate a massive expansion in the availability and use of drone technology in the years to come.”

“Drones are a transformative global phenomenon, offering an unprecedented economic opportunity for those businesses and countries with the foresight to embrace this technology. My own conversations with Government, businesses and other stakeholders have shown that the new Standards will be enthusiastically welcomed and will empower organisations to discover how they can use drone technology to enhance their competitive position, adding value and creating growth and jobs.” he added.

The complete list of all the ISO standards for drones is available here.