Police in Ensenada, a Mexican city, has achieved significant success in reducing crime rates just by using a single drone. Statistics quoted by the city police department indicate that the a single quadcopter operated by the police has led to 500 arrests and 30 percent drop in home robberies. By any measure, this is a sign of things to come as drones start becoming a part of the police arsenal all across the world. The quadcopter operated by the Ensenada city police is a DJI Inspire model. For monitoring the feeds, the city had tied up with Cape, a California-based drone telepresence company. City police claim to have flown around 25 sorties per day with the total count of sorties to have gone above 1500. The tremendous success has been accounted to the dramatically reduced response time possible with a drone. As soon as the control room receives a 911, the drone is dispatched to the location and reached much the ground units can reach.

Watch a video of how a robbery suspect was arrested through immediate visual surveillance: