Drones are rapidly changing the world. Military drones have taken a big leap in technology along with consumer drones. Kamikaze is one such drone with offense as its main aim. This drone is unlike any other military drone. The Kamikaze is more like a missile as it carries an explosive payload and self-destructs during delivery. Thus, the name, ‘The Suicide Drone’.

These drones are also known as the ‘loitering munitions’. They loiter around targets and when a target is selected or detected they instantly attack it. This type of weapon system is excellent for hidden targets which are hard to detect and come out only for a short duration. Such targets require instant and repulsive action. Therefore Kamikaze’s instant reaction to a selected target makes it a great offensive weapon.

The loitering munitions fit in the niche between cruise missiles and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) sharing characteristics with both. They differ from cruise missiles in that they are designed to loiter for a relatively long time around the target area, and from UCAVs in that, a loitering munition is intended to be expended in an attack and has a built-in warhead.

Delilah and ALPAGU are very popular Kamikaze Drones.

Israel, U.S.A, South Korea and China are some of the leading producers of this type of drones. Kamikaze drones are in use by at least 14 countries at present. Some suicide drones return to base if they have enough fuel left.

Watch Turkey’s Kamikaze in action: