Bangalore— 10/01/2020 — In a press release, Mavoljic Technology announced the availability of the World’s Lightest FullHD 30x Optical Zoom Global Shutter Camera applications, enabling drone developers to get high-resolution jello free stable videos.

“High zoom Rolling shutter cameras do not work well when it comes to UAVs. High-frequency vibrations on UAV give rise to artifacts and jello from rolling shutter cameras. This problem only gets intensified as you zoom-in, narrowing your field of view.”, quoted Jigar Prasad Founder, Mavoljic Technology. He adds “Jello due to rolling shutter not only affect visual experience but also reduces compression efficiency. Moreover, it also hampers the robustness of image processing algorithms.”

Mavoljic Technology world's lightest camera

Camera (model no. PM1080-GS-30) outputs H264 compressed 1920x1080p video over Ethernet. It weighs only 150gms and provides ~59° to 2° field of view. It supports the low-resolution analog secondary stream. For detailed specifications of the product and sample video visit (

Mavoljic Technology LLP, founded in 2019 is a ‘Startup India’ recognized startup involved in developing imaging products. The company strives to develop innovative and high-quality imaging products for the global market.

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