On 29th August 2019, Mumbai Police invited technological companies to demonstrate drone detection systems. Mumbai police have to be extra vigilant during festivals as the city foresees one of the largest crowds. The number of drones is expected to greatly rise in the foreseeable future. Moreover, with the new drone laws in place, counter-drone measures must also be made available. Therefore, a robust drone detection system will soon be the newest addition to the Mumbai Police arsenal.

Representatives from DJI and Aero Instrument were present in the meeting. The companies showcased their products: the DJI Mavic Air and Orion-9 Drone Detection & Jamming System, respectively. Commissioner of Police, Sanjay Barve and Joint Commissioner of Police, Law, and Order, Vinay Chaubey attended the demonstration.

Orion-9 drone detection Mumbai Police
The Orion-9 Drone Detection and Jamming System by Aero Instrument.

The Orion-9 System, by Aero Instrument, can detect a drone up to 800 meters away and land the drone as it is, inhibiting its movement. This could greatly help the law enforcement agency steer clear of malicious drones. Controllers of the drone can also be detected with the help of this drone detector.

In the future, attacks can be stopped using drone detectors of various frequencies like 433MHz, 915MHz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz. This can prove to be very effective in avoiding a drone attack. Such forms of drone defense can also come in handy with VVIP security. The drone detector also works in inclement weather, darkness, and fog.
The drone’s radio signal can be disconnected by the drone detector system for an attack. This will ultimately isolate the drone from its controller, rendering it immobile. Police officials say that the Mumbai Police force is planning to equip this system soon. Mumbai Police is also planning to buy efficient drones for surveillance and security, especially during festivals.