The Net Guard is said to be a creative combination of UAV and cloth net aimed at rescuing people from high-rise or high altitude fire emergencies. The Net Guard Drone is a single unmanned aerial vehicle and was made together by connecting the four identical quadrants using the propellers.

A unique fire safety concept

The Design boom website has announced Net Guard, as a novel drone concept. The concept had entered the design talent award for 2018. Furthermore, the idea of Net Guard Drone has been shortlisted in the golden pin concept design award of this year which contains the prize of worth $13,000.

The Modus operandi can be widely considered by the following cases: When getting a distress signal, the Net Guard uses GPS to locate where the fire has occurred. It then moves at a high altitude to prevent traffic and reach the required destination of the emergency. It travels at great speeds to reach the affected area. Finally, as it reaches the scene Net Guard opens into four parts with a security net at the center.

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The drone features promising structural integrity

The drone has been invented by a group of six students in Guangzhou, China. Net Guard is a high altitude self-driven idea of UAV, which converts from a regular quadcopter into a flying secured net. The drone uses its four propellers to get to high altitudes and grab a person in mid-air.

The consequent net has been formed using a quadruple layer of polyurethane. Basically, the mesh is large and strong enough to sustain the weight of an average adult. Sensors are used to keep track of the person as they bounce into the net. Thus, positioning the drone to capture them.

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An encouraging jury statement mentions that “Net Guard is said to be a securing system which holds the jumping net directly to the people for rescuing. However, the technical evaluation still requires some operations with the guidance of engineers. But the concept has the capacity to help the fire brigade with the support of a flying carpet. It has a high societal value. If possible, the mesh must be non-transparent to facilitate the access.”

In addition, with the extension and evolution of this concept, Net Guard has the capability to become a staple lifesaving appliance in high altitude crisis management. Even though the technology is still under development, this concept will surely provide a roadmap for developing much more advanced drones.

Watch the award winning concept of the Net Guard Drone: