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In order to ease compliance related to NPNT regulations, the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has set up the Digital Sky portal. The portal is available at

Digital Sky Front Page

It is mentioned on the Digital Sky website that the current version of Digital Sky is in Beta release. This is because the current version is an initial version not having full functionality. Later, a more complete version of Digital Sky will be available. But till then, the current version of Digital Sky has all the functionalities required for manufacturers, operators and pilots to be able to comply with the NPNT regulations. Digital Sky fulfils the following functions for drone operators:

  • Filing RPAS Acquisition form (Local purchase / Import)
  • Filing UAOP License Application form
  • Registering Drone through API
  • Filing UIN application form
  • Applying for permission to fly
  • Submitting logs and occurrence report after a flight

In this post, we will be looking at the first two functionalities.

Profile types available on Digital Sky
Options to apply for RPAS Acquisition and UAOP License on Digital Sky

Filing Drone Acquisition Form

As per CAR D3X-X1, every drone owner has to file an RPAS Acquisition form before acquiring a drone. The drone acquisition has to be approved by the authorities before the drone owner can purchase the drone. Digital Sky allows the user to submit acquisition forms.

In step 1 of the Drone Acquisition form, once a user fills in the correct RPA type, the details for the particular RPA type will be filled automatically.

Drone Acquisition form – Step 1

In Step 2 of the Drone Acquisition form, the user needs to provide details related to the operation and a security clearance document, which is mandatory.

Drone Acquisition form – Step 2

In Step 3, the user is asked to confirm the details and agree to an undertaking. After submitting the form, the user will need to wait for the authorities to approve/reject the acquisition application. Only after the application is approved, the user can purchase the drone.

Drone Acquisition form – Step 3

Filing UAOP License Application Form

The UAOP is required in order to:

  • Fly a micro drone above 200ft / in controlled airspace
  • Fly a small / medium / large category drone

Users can apply for the UAOP License through the Digital Sky platform.

UAOP Application form – Step 1

The first step in the application form is straightforward. In the second step, the user is required to submit the following documents:

  • Security Program Document
  • Insurance Document
  • Land Owner Permission Document
  • Standard Operating Procedure Document
  • Bharat Kosh Receipt Document
UAOP Application form – Step 2

In the third step, the user has to confirm the details and submit the application. After that, the application will be processed by the authorities.

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