Pakistan has been sending drones to drop weapons into India. According to recent intelligence, Pakistan may be testing various advanced drones that can move at a high speed and carry a much heavier payload. 

“We have received reports that Pakistan is looking at various types of high-speed drones and they have higher weight lifting capacity which means they could be used to drop a much higher number of weapons. Since these drones will be of high speed it may be difficult by BSF and police to shoot them down,” said sources.

pakistan may be testing faster drones
A Pakistan drone captured in Punjab.

Recently, the drones which were used by Pakistan had dropped packages weighing up to 10 kilograms. Further, separate intelligence inputs stated that Pakistan Aeronautical Complex’s Aviation Design Institute (AvDI) is testing a high-speed target drone with an autonomous system. Basically, these are drones used for target practice purposes. “This drone is intended to stimulate an enemy fighter intruding into friendly territory and will be used by AvDI units for target practice,” said sources. Moreover, the manual control trial has been undertaken by AvDI and now they are preparing for autonomous tests.

There were reports that a large number of AK-47 assault rifles and grenades were dropped in Amritsar by drones that came from Pakistan, in September. Balbir Singh, a senior police official said, “This drone couldn’t return to Pakistan due to a malfunction, so the accused hid it at a village near the Attari border.”

The drones carried out eight ‘sorties’ in 10 days this month to drop the weapons, including satellite phones, on Indian soil, the sources said, asking not to be identified. These flying machines can carry up to 5 kg and fly fast and low to evade detection.