We have been replacing manual labour with improved technology. Drone technology has been playing its part in this process as well. Drones are not only great photographers but can perform a variety of tasks due to the various improvements which happen quite often. One such invention could be the only solution to bad road conditions around the world. Researchers from the University of Leeds, England, have come up with a drone which detects and repairs potholes.

Potholes are one of the major road problems and they claim several lives every year.

Bad roads and potholes are some of the leading causes of accidents around the world. These causes are more prominent in under-developed or developing nations where roads are often damaged. Potholes alone killed 3597 people in India in 2017. The numbers have not decreased since then. To combat this serious issue, there is no better tool than drone technology. The drones developed by Leeds researchers first detect defects and potholes on roads using lasers and then a 3D printer, fitted onto the drone, sprays several layers of asphalt to repair the pothole.

The 3D printer which sprays asphalt.

The Leeds City Council is closely working with the researchers to pioneer the concept of ‘self-repairing cities’. This concept could provide autonomous drones which patrol the city to perform repair and light construction work which could keep the monuments, roadways, walkways and many public platforms well maintained without the need of human intervention. This could be the future of construction work as robots have already begun 3D printing whole houses and when combined with the mobility of drones, it could potentially change everything.

Watch how the pothole repairing drone fills up a defect: