A police drone was taken down by protesters in Chile by aiming dozens of laser pens at the gadget. A video surfaced that showed about 50 lasers jointly pointed into the sky in Santiago which led to the dramatic downfall of a drone. Only after a month of protests in response to rising public transit costs created chaos in the South American nation that led to the laser action in Chile’s capital.


The bringing down of the spy drone has sparked a range of suggestions over how the gadgets were used so successfully. The data also stated that among the many theories “floating around social media” was that the lasers were powerful enough to melt the plastic on the drone – particularly if it was cheaply made. Further, few sources also suggested that the drone’s camera lens was blinded due to pointing dozens of lasers at the gadget simultaneously. There is also a possibility where the drone could’ve overheated and eventually malfunctioned.

Blinding protesters

President Sebastian Pinera was promoted to call soldiers on to the streets. The incident took place as a riot, arson, and looting have killed more than 20 people. The Associated Press reported that protesters are being deliberately blinded by cops firing projectiles into their faces.

Due to demonstrations over inequality and better social services, at least 230 people have lost their sight after being shot in an eye in the last month says Chile’s medical body.


Due to the lasers, the patient not only loses their vision – but they can lose their actual eye. Dr. Patricio Meza, vice president of the Medical College of Chile said that at least 50 people will need prosthetic eyes.

Increase in fares

The protest started on October 18, 2019, as the students were angry about the increase in subway fares. However, their action took fire and prompted widespread action, with people protesting about the large gap between the haves and have-nots in Chile.

They are calling for reforms to health care, education, the pension system and even the constitution, which dates back to 1980 – during the 1973-1990 military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet.