Sinclair Community College, located in Dayton, Ohio has partnered with the Swiss company senseFly. senseFly is a drone mapping company which provides fixed-wing survey drones for industrial purposes. Also, this has made Sinclair its primary North American partner.

The benefit of the partnership:

Sinclair’s National UAS Training and Certification Center will provide senseFly’s clients with standardized drone training. Therefore, this will not only broaden senseFly’s client base but also expand its training offerings through Sinclair’s internationally recognized UAS center. As per drone laws in the United States and several other parts of the world, a drone pilot must have proper training and certification. Additionally, Sinclair’s partnership and primary training center is boon for budding industrial drone pilots.

“As a leading industry provider of UAS solutions, senseFly’s multiple product options meet business challenges across a broad range of industry applications,” said Jeffrey Miller, chief operating officer for Sinclair’s UAS Center. “We are excited to collaborate with senseFly to leverage our vast experience in providing drone training, ensuring their clients continue to be well prepared to effectively maximize their investments in senseFly products.”

“Sinclair’s National UAS Training and Certification Center is an excellent partner for senseFly due to their innovative approach to creating comprehensive training programs coupled with their experience using drone technology to support their collaborations in applied research and development, commercialization and consulting work,” Jean-Thomas Célette, managing director of senseFly, added.

Sinclair’s training center.

One of the best drone training labs globally

Sinclair has been a renowned center for UAS training since 2008. Over the years it has invested significantly in its curriculum and formed helpful partnerships. This has not only helped it establish itself internationally but has helped Sinclair become the forefront of UAS innovation to meet growing technological demands.

The UAS training center is one of the most advanced centers globally. Sinclair’s UAS training program supports applied research and development, consulting and training. Also, it provides advanced unmanned and manned simulation, indoor flight facilities and extensive courses in aircraft, sensors, avionics, etc. Apart from the robust training modules Sinclair also has maintenance labs, additive/traditional manufacturing labs, and a wind tunnel lab. Moreover, backed up by a highly modernized UAS center, senseFly aims to get a solid foothold over its drone solutions clients in North America.