Controls for operating drones are evolving into smarter technology. Wearable devices are now available with enhanced features to make the controlling of drones easier and comfortable for the user. Recreational drones provide an excellent platform to experiment with different configurations of controls for the drones. Skydio, a leading drone manufacturer has now come up with a smartwatch feature that will allow the user to control his drone with an Apple watch. This is the next step for remote-controlled drones, which are usually controlled using a smartphone app or a suitable console. Now, drone users can make their drones fly, capture videos and photographs, change the flight path – all from their own watch!

Skydio smart watch control

Skydio R1 drone

The company released its R1 drone as a recreational drone for hobbyists and photographers. Previously, users could control their drones and assign flight paths using their smartphones. Now, they have released an application that can be run using an Apple smartwatch. This application will allow the user to control the drone using his or her watch. Although as of now, the watch cannot be used as a stand-alone controller for the drone. It has to stay connected with the user’s smartphone, but it is not necessary that the smartphone must be unlocked and awake in order to control the drone. This feature is enabled only for Apple smartwatches, as of now.

Skydio R1 drone
The R1 drone

Although it is a minor development, it is a very important breakthrough in the evolution of drone controls. This can find many applications, not just in the recreational sector. In important military missions, soldiers can control the drones and get surveillance and reconnaissance information by merely pressing a button on their wrists! We can expect that this new development will be enhanced and open the door to endless possibilities in a wide range of applications and environments.