Recently American drone manufacturer Skydio announced a partnership with EagleView. Skydio is one of the emerging companies in drone technology while EagleView is a leading technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics, and GIS solutions. The two tech giants have partnered to deliver autonomous drone inspection for roofs using the Skydio House Scan technology.

Autonomous Drone Inspection for Residential Properties

The multi-year and multi-million dollar partnership could be one of the largest commercial drone partnership ever. Additionally, the collaboration is “To deliver Skydio House Scan™ to several major country markets,” a press release stated. “The partnership brings the power of precision drone technology and AI to insurance carriers, claims adjusters, and government bodies and will result in the largest ever commercial drone deployment with thousands of units deployed.”

Using the Skydio 2 drone along with the Skydio House Scan technology, EagleView aims to carry out detailed and automated roof inspections. Also, Skydio’s intuitive and AI-based technology will enable in capturing precise and superior quality aerial imagery of residential properties.

autonomous drone inspection
Autonomous roof inspection using the Skydio 2 drone and Skydio House Scan

“The Skydio 2 drone technology with Skydio House Scan software enables an intuitive flight experience. It allows autonomous data capture of a residential roof with precision and completeness, providing unequaled image clarity and property intelligence. Together, EagleView and Skydio provide a complete drone inspection solution for residential properties that creates a facet-by-facet flight plan and autonomously flies the inspection for consistent, comprehensive image capture for virtual property assessments.”

The CEO of EagleView, Chris Jurasek, has stated that the image quality provided by Skydio is 16 times clearer than satellite images. Additionally, he stated that with Skydio’s drones, you can not just spot a dime on a roof but also Franklin D. Roosevelt’s face stamped on it.

Lowering Costs & Increasing Efficiency

In the U.S, the average cost of a property inspection can range from $300 to $500. Adding on to that, manual inspection is time-consuming and may sometimes miss out on minute details. Moreover, this initiative will not just lower the costs but also lower the time taken, capture highly detailed data, and automate the process.

“We are excited to partner with EagleView to revolutionize the residential roof inspection market through the power of autonomous drones and AI,” said Adam Bry, CEO of Skydio.  “Together with EagleView, we provide insurance carriers, claims adjusters, construction companies, and government bodies with a first-of-its-kind integrated solution that automates the entire inspection process. Thanks to the unique flight autonomy capabilities of Skydio drones, we are able to enhance virtual property inspections, delivering exceptional accuracy, consistency, and image quality.”

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