Sunflower Labs unveiled the Sunflower Home Awareness System with security done. The product was unveiled at CES 2020, in Las Vegas. Particularly, it includes always-on motion and vibration sensors. Sunflower Labs aim at reducing false alarms all the while making home security intelligent. The system consists of three main parts: Sunflowers, Bee, and Hive.

Sunflower Home Awareness System
Bee, the autonomous drone being deployed from the Hive.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System

  • The Sunflowers: They are the discreet motion and vibration sensors that monitor the activities on your property. They look like an average garden light. However, they have the ability to detect and differentiate between people, animals, and cars. And display this activity on a map in real-time.
Sunflower home awareness system
Sunflowers: vertical motion sensors that are shaped as garden lights
  • The Bee: As you may have guessed, the Bee is a fully autonomous drone that patrols your home from up above. With multiple bee’s equipped with advanced features like automatic deployment, fully autonomous flight, ultrasonic collision-avoidance sensors, high-precision differential GPS, and live-streaming video provide a safe and comprehensive overview of your home. Additionally, the autonomous drone is geo-fenced to your property so that it never flies away.
Bee autonomous drone
Bee: Sunflower’s autonomous security drone
  • The Hive: Weatherproof housing and charging station for the Bee also acts as the brains of the operation with AI data processing and analysis embedded into the system.
sunflower home awareness system
The Hive with an in-built supercomputer and AI-processing system

Home security from anywhere in the world

Whenever the system detects any potentially dangerous activity, it deploys an alert to a connected mobile device. The alert shows an activity heatmap on the mobile device following which the owner can launch an autonomous drone flight and view real-time aerial footage of their property from anywhere around the world.

Sunflower Labs mobile alert
Mobile alert along with the activity heatmap.

Sunflower Labs was founded in 2016. It has two offices, one in San Francisco and the other in Zurich. The Sunflower Home Awareness System does not come cheap. However, with what the product promises its customers, the price looks justifiable. It starts at $9,950 and can range up depending on your specific property’s custom needs. The company is accepting pre-orders now. You can pre-book the drone system by depositing $999. They will deliver the first orders to customers beginning sometime in the middle of 2020.