Bart Jansen, aged 37, is popular for the dead cat drone invention. Jansen is from the Netherlands, he would spend his leisure time to transform the dead animals into drones or remote controlled vehicles.

One day Jansen’s cat was struck by a car, and it died. Jansen decided to invent a drone with the help of the dead cat’s body rather burying it. He developed his inspiration from one of the Wright brothers who invented the airplane.

The body of Orville was preserved and made into a custom quadcopter. Jansen got the help of Arjen Beltman, an engineer, who supported him to fly his invention.

After Jansen and Arjen achieved converting the cat into a quadcopter successfully, many projects accompanied and now they own Copter Company, which is a Netherlands based company that produces a broad range of taxidermy animal drones.

There is a lot that can be achieved with the stuffed animals and drone technology. A few of their latest creations are listed below.

The Shark Jet

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It is not a Nazi weapon which was used in Second World War. Look at the taxidermy shark jet, which is similar to the V-1 flying bomb. It may not be the mysterious weapon to be developed but it is still scary.

First Flight Ratcopter

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Who imagined rat could fly? 13 year old Peppjin contributed the rat for the research after it died from cancer.

Cat Drone

C:\Users\My Pc\Desktop\AlgoPixel\images\catcopter.jpg

It was the first taxidermy quadcopter developed by Jansen after the death of his cat. This concept gave rise to other creepy innovations.

Ostrich Copter

Jansen and Arjen transformed the flightless bird into a flying one. It was first flown in July 2013. It utilized a lot of power to make the ostrich take off the ground.

The fascinating characteristic of this project is that the animal drone inventors used animals that have been killed on the road to invent the strange quadcopters. All you require is to hand over a dead animal, and they will convert it into a flying machine.

Watch a video of Taxidermy Animal Drones By The Copter Company: