Teal Drones released its flagship product recently, the Teal One. This drone was designed by the 21-year-old CEO and founder, George Matus over a couple of years. The Teal One packs Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 module, that permits the developers to design everything from AR to autonomous flight applications using the board’s 256 CUDA cores and Teal’s included SDK.

The drone comes with only a single app, the company’s Teal Flight, that provides five methods to the pilot— one-handed mode, traditional (using a pair of on-screen joysticks), voice, multi-touch, and game controller. Teal Flight is a flight control app for beginners to advanced pilots.

When the Teal drone was first announced, it was mentioned that the top speed will be 60 mph that is 96.5 km/h, which is quite fast for a consumer drone that is not stated as an FPV racer. It will have an endurance nearly 15 minutes, with Wi-Fi range back to the controller of 600 ft (183 m) and the ability to capture 720p video. The company says it will be simple to fix or replace the arms if you harm them in a crash.

Teal one – Teal Drones

The regular landscape video maxes out at 2.5K/30 fps, and it is electronically stabilized without the operation of a gimbal. The camera consists of a 12-megapixel HDR sensor with a 123-degree viewing angle, since the maximum resolution of 4K/30 fps is only present in vertical video. The Teal will use some further resolution at the top and bottom of the frame to compensate for the tilt you get when you move a drone in the air.

The Teal One retails for $1,199 which contains two batteries for a total flight time of 30 minutes. Thus, it resembles the offerings from other competitors such as Parrot’s Anafi and DJI’s Mavic Air.

Watch a video of Teal Drones: