Terra Drone, the Japan-based drone company, had bought a significant stake in Inkonova AB. Inkonova is a Swedish startup for aerial robotics for underground mining. Terra Drone India had recently sought investment in UTM services for the growing drone market in India as well. Thus, with several partnerships and investments, it aims to grow as a global leader in drone technology.

How the investment helped the startup

Terra Drone’s deal included cash injection changes to the management team, as well as technical, business development, and operational collaborations.

Terra Drone, being an established company, has a global network of clients, post-processing domain, service-based business model, customer experience, technical personnel, and human and financial resources. According to Ahmed AlNomany, InkonovaAB Co-founder and CEO, this tie-up would help boost the company’s business development and technology.

Inkonova will supply Terra Drone with its UAV core technology, including anti-dust and waterproof platforms (as in the TILT Ranger) and infrastructure-denied autonomous navigation. All the while, Terra Drone will employ its global clients, pilots, and broader commercial and technical domain expertise. Apart from technical collaboration, Inkonova’s drones will go rebranding to be in sync with the products of Terra Drone.

TILT Ranger drone by Inkonova

The TILT Ranger Drone by Inkonova.

Terra Drone is one of the leading drone manufacturers and suppliers in the world. It has acquired 10 subsidiaries in Japan, APAC, EU, Africa, North America, and South America. However, the company’s primary focus lies in the industrial usage of drones. Industries like Mining, Construction, Energy Utility, and Oil&Gas reap the most benefits from the company’s products. Terra Drone provides a complete package, including hardware, software, on-site services, and UTM.