Drone Aviation Holding Corp., a manufacturer of tethered drones and lighter than air aerostats, has revealed the company’s new WATT 300 heavy-lift tethered multirotor drone, at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, SOFIC in Tampa. It is an advanced military WASP aerostat platform,

The WATT Electric Tethered Aerial Platform which is an electric tethered drone developed to enhance secure and valid aerial communications and for observing extended durations.

WATT requires a high strength, Kevlar-armored tether linked to the ground providing uninterruptible power, unjammable command and control, safe collection and distribution of sensor data, to supply highly powerful coverage from about 400 feet for up to 8 hours or more.

Encouraging advanced mil-spec communications packages and sensors, such as highly stabilized zoom EO/IR systems, WATT establishes consistent ISR and aerial observing facilities over a wide area.

A Heavy-Lift Drone

The new WATT 300 heavy-lift multirotor drone delivers improved multi-mission capacities, assisting the same advanced Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensor payloads deployed by the WASP aerostat platform.

The WASP, Winch Aerostat Small Platform is an immensely tactical and mobile aerostat system which can be operated by as few as two soldiers and can establish day or night video and wireless range connection extending from either a fixed, stationary position. WASP is being utilized as a mobile tactical aerial solution that can support various ISR mission profiles involving ground-based assets and also aerial assets through communication retransmission.

Drone Aviation’s WASP and WATT are focusing to give the semi-persistent, mobile intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for different military, law enforcement and commercial security applications.

Bruce Hardy, Vice President of Sales of Drone Aviation said, “This year marks the third anniversary at SOFIC, the chief annual meeting of the SOF community. Constructing upon our latest military contract awards and the increasing interest in tethered solutions, we are furnishing this year’s attendees with an extreme range of products highlighted by our new WATT 300 heavy-lift drone”.