Nowadays most drones run on batteries. Some drones with higher specifications may even use diesel powered engines but they are also limited by the amount of fuel. Therefore, eventually, drones would run out of their charge or fuel and would require refueling. This causes a gap in its flight time, especially when they’re being used for security purposes. When used in the field of security, drones need to be active and functioning 24×7 and the slightest of delay may cost greatly.

Thus, tethered drones are the ultimate solution to security and surveillance. These drones are hooked on to power cables which enable the drone to hover infinitely. This ensures that not even a single second is gone unmonitored. Tethered drones have a variety of uses. From surveillance to traffic management, air quality control, etc. Tethered drones are suitable for law enforcement, private security, public safety missions and military uses.

Surveillance is highly efficient in tethered drones as they offer not only great day-time coverage but also pack night-time sensors which capture images and videos in the dark in a very high resolution. Tethered drones are mostly automated or require little human effort to control them. They can be set up rather easily and are portable. They can be carried around in rugged compact cases and flown as high as 80 meters (depending on the length of the tether). These type of drones are not only secured externally but also contain software security and an excellent transmission rate which does not allow hacking or jamming of the transmission feed.

Tethered drones can detect movement several kilometers away and have very high optical and digital zoom capabilities. Unlike generic CCTV monitoring systems, tethered drones are far more advanced and secure.

There are several companies which offer such drones on a commercial basis. Some of the top ones are:

  • Elistair: They offer the Orion tethered drone which has enhanced security options and a prolonged flight time.
  • Drones’ Guard: The Flying Guard drone offers some of the most high-tech features like higher altitude, longer flight time, crisis management, etc.
  • Viper Drones: Their tethered system offers varied grades of security drones. From home security to military defense.

Take a look at the Orion Tethered drone and the technology it uses :